How do I hide or delete comments on a Workplace post?

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You can hide comments that you don’t want to see. Hidden comments disappear for you but are still visible to others.
To hide a comment:
  1. Go to the comment you want to hide.
  2. Click next to the comment.
  3. Click Hide comment.
If you think the comment shouldn’t be there at all, you can also report it to your admins.
Deleting comments as a group admin or moderator
Group admins and moderators can delete comments on posts within the groups they manage.
To delete a comment:
  1. Go to the comment you want to delete.
  2. Click next to the comment.
  3. Click Delete, then click Delete to confirm.
Deleting comments as a system admin
System admins don’t have permission to delete comments by default. If a system admin wants to delete a comment, they will first need to become a group admin for the relevant group.
To make yourself a group admin:
  1. Click in the left side of Workplace.
  2. Click Groups. You may be asked to enter your password to continue.
  3. Click next to the group you would like to administrate.
  4. Click Join as admin or Make me admin.
Note: As the creator of a post, you can`t delete comments on it, unless you are an admin of the group that your post is in.
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