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80% of the world’s workforce doesn’t sit at a desk all day.

Instead they are on the shopfloor, in factories, out in the field, in the air or on the road.

Deskless and frontline workers are a massive, untapped talent pool for businesses. But many workers don’t have the opportunity to connect with the wider business or speak up about new ideas.

It’s time for that to change. It’s time to give all employees a voice.

Giving deskless workers a voice

For many businesses, there’s one facet of working life that remains stuck in the past: communication.

We spoke to more than 2,000 senior business decision makers, and 2,000 front-line workers across the UK and US in companies with 100+ employees, to get their thoughts on connectivity and empowerment within an organisation.

We found that many businesses have a long way to go. In fact:

  • There is a major disconnect between HQ and deskless workers
  • This disconnect is preventing the creation of new ideas and innovation
  • Employees don’t feel listened to or feel valued


Business is better when people can communicate, and get the right information at the right time. Workers feel more connected with their company mission, making work more meaningful and people more motivated.

  • Communicate strategy and priorities through announcement Groups
  • Become a more relatable leader with Live Video
  • Motivate employees by leaving comments, reactions, emojis and gifs in News Feed and on posts


Provide employees with a platform that empowers them to share new ideas in an open and agile way. Collaboration is faster and easier with smart integrations and easy-to-use technology.

  • Unlock collective knowledge through project Groups
  • Reduce executive distance with Live Video
  • Act quickly on information in News Feed


Create a work environment that not only empowers, but allows employees to reward each other for their hard work. This can help to strengthen culture and businesses are more succesful when people are directly discussing and chatting on Workplace.

  • Use the best modern technology like Workplace Chat
  • Create better recruitment experiences with Groups
  • Build personal relationships with People Directory