Employee Training

Learning programs make your frontline workers feel valued and help build a strong company culture.

A significant proportion of frontline employees report they receive no formal training to perform day-to-day activities for their job. This can prevent them from executing their job effectively, and can stymie their productivity and their professional growth.

Employees care about learning. 94% of employees would stay longer if their company invested in their career growth. Training programs make your frontline workforce feel valued and help build a strong company culture. And with the high turnover rates prevalent in frontline work, training and professional growth can be critical to employee retention.

How to do it in Workplace

Onboard employees in groups

1. Onboard employees in groups

Onboarding groups can help new hires get up to speed quickly. You can share the right training and resources and introduce people to the social nature of Workplace so they can engage and build connections right away.

  • Create an onboarding group and invite all new hires.
  • Make a welcome post to help guide and orient new hires.
  • Ask managers to create 1:1 secret groups with the new employee and use it for day to day interactions.
  • Ask regional managers to 'Go Live' and welcome new team members into the organization in the first few weeks. Leaders can also welcome new hires via a Workplace post sharing information about their role, experience, and a personal story as an introduction to the team.
2. Build training experiences with Learning

2. Build training experiences with Learning

The Learning feature allows group admins to curate peer-based and easy to consume training content that frontline employees can easily access anytime, anywhere, from their mobile devices.

Want to share this video with your Workplace community? Download it here.

3. Use Live video to deliver training across locations

3. Use Live video to deliver training across locations

With Workplace Live, you can deliver live and interactive training to employees regardless of where they’re located. Create a poll in your group before the training, encouraging employees to vote on topics they’d like to cover and to add in their own. They will also be able to ask questions and give feedback in the comments during the Live video. And if anyone can’t make the training, they can catch up by watching it later. The Live video will automatically post in the group, so employees can access it when they have time.

To create a Live training follow these steps:

  • Create an Event outlining the date, time, and topics you will cover in the training, in your group and invite all relevant employees.
  • Create a poll in your group page, asking employees to vote on questions and inviting them to add their own.
  • Create a Live video by clicking into the Write Post box and selecting Live Video from under More.
  • When you’re ready to start your Live video, select Go Live.
  • Select End Video when you’re done with the training.
  • The video will automatically post in your group page.
4. Deliver unique learning experiences with bots

4. Deliver unique learning experiences with bots

Bot integrations allow you to deliver custom designed learning to frontline employees via Workplace Chat messages on their mobile devices.

With Enboarder, an onboarding bot, you can make new employees feel welcome through interactive communications, team intro videos, virtual tours, and much more. You can also get paperwork and compliance out of the way during pre-onboarding, so new hires can spend their first days focused on training for the job.

The New Starter bot by The Bot Platform helps HR and operational teams onboard new employees quickly, build intuitive, always-on trainings, and test employee knowledge with quizzes and games.



  • Help new hires get up to speed quickly by sharing onboarding information in groups.
  • Allow peers to share knowledge in Learning modules that employees can access easily from their mobile devices.
  • Share interactive video training sessions that employees can watch live or catch up on later.
  • Automate learning with bot integrations so that employees can continuously gain knowledge and skills.
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